TLC orders new Kate Gosselin series

'Quintuplet Surprise,' 'Carpio Family Project' also announced

What's TLC's solution to its "Jon & Kate" implosion?

Prohibited from showing Kate Gosselin parenting her eight "Jon & Kate" co-stars as originally planned, the network will announce a new series at its upfront presentation in New York on Thursday where Gosselin travels the country to assist other families.

The series, called "Twist of Kate," will debut in the third quarter.

"In each episode, she'll walk a mile in someone else's shoes -- meeting real families in the middle of their own extraordinary challenges," said the network in a statement. "She'll try out their jobs ... see how their home life runs ... see what they're up against ... and find out what they do to let off steam. As Kate gets to know them she'll roll up her sleeves and see what she can do to help."

Previously shot footage of Gosselin with her kids, originally conceived as being a new series titled "Kate Plus 8," will be shown as a series of specials.

TLC also announced two more large-family series -- "Quintuplet Surprise" and "Carpio Family Project." The former with a six-year-old daughter and five newborn babies, the latter with an eight-year-old son and 18-month-old sextuplets.

As previously reported in THR, the network is also reviving the briefly canceled "American Chopper" franchise. Also on tap, a new auction house docusoap called "Auctioneers," and a Kelly Ripa project where the celebrity helps aspiring entrepreneurs.

Other projects in development: docusoap "Police Women of Memphis," spin-off "Cake Boss College," chef John Besh cooking show "Inedible to Incredible," docusoap "Cupcake Sisters" and several wedding-related reality efforts.

TLC has seen its more tabloid-based programming strategy pay off in the ratings, with the network rising the past few years.

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