Tobey Maguire, Magic Johnson Enlisted for Wendy Greuel Campaign Fundraiser

Getty Images

UPDATED: Norman Lear, Bruce Cohen, Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino and Gabe Catone will also cosponsor the May 6 event, held at the Hollywood House of Blues.

With both Los Angeles’ mayoral candidates saturating the ad market in advance of the coming runoff election, Wendy Greuel has enlisted a group of A-list entertainment industry names for a fundraiser at the House of Blues on the evening of Monday, May 6.

Cosponsors and hosts of the event include Magic Johnson, Bruce Cohen and Gabe Catone, Lyn and Norman Lear, Tobey and Jennifer Maguire and political strategist Noah Mamet. The fundraiser is being organized by Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino, a long time Greuel supporter. 

Depending on which poll is more accurately capturing the mood of what’s likely to be a very small electorate, Greuel either trails City Councilman Eric Garcetti by ten points or leads him by about three points. With the campaign’s closing weeks taking a sharply negative turn, both candidates are relying heavily on supporters in Hollywood and, in Greuel’s case, organized labor to fund a late advertising surge.

Tickets for the House of Blues reception, optimistically billed as an event for the “future mayor,” range from $250 to $1300.