'Today' Co-Host Savannah Guthrie Reveals How She Sprained Her Ankle

Savannah Guthrie _ sprained ankle - H 2016

"That's what happens when you wear three-inch heels. They kill."

Just days after tweeting a photo of her sprained ankle, on Monday Today co-host Savannah Guthrie revealed how the injury happened.

"Well, we were just going to Al [Roker]'s weather at 8:30 and I was rushing back in to the inside, and I tripped," Guthrie explained, before joking that, "As Matt [Lauer] would say, I could trip on a cordless phone, but I did just trip, and I really sprained my ankle."

She said that while the ankle isn't broken, "it's about as close to being broken as it could be without being broken. It's a very bad sprain." She'll have to wear a boot brace for up to four weeks to keep it from moving.

She then produced the three-inch heel boot she'd been wearing while running back to the indoor set, offering a cautionary tail about running in high heels. She demonstrated with the boot how she had twisted her ankle adding, "That's what happens when you wear three-inch heels. They kill."

Co-host Carson Daly suggested that the boot brace needed a little spiffing up. "It needs to be bedazzled," he said. "We need to do something to jazz it up here."

"We need to get Martha Stewart here to do a DIY boot project or something," said Guthrie.

Watch the clip below.