Todd McCarthy Previews Cannes: Who to Watch, What Might Win (Video)

The Hollywood Reporter's chief film critic also dissects the most anticipated and hyped titles of the festival and notes which unknown film could be a breakthrough.

Welcome to Cannes!

As the festival gets underway, The Hollywood Reporter's chief film critic, Todd McCarthy, offers an informed primer on the titles to keep track of as the red carpet hype begins to ramp up. Below are the highlight's from McCarthy's preview:

Anticipated Films: "The Homesman, Tommy Lee Jones' film, could be good on the basis of his first film as a director," McCarthy figures. "I'm very curious about Foxcatcher, Bennett Miller's film. This is a very intriguing real-life subject that he's handling and we've been waiting to see this for quite awhile."

Three Directors Closing Their Careers: Jean Luc-Godard's Adieu au Langage, Ken Loach's Jimmy's Hall and John Boorman's Queen and Country are all set to screen at the festival. 

Two Auteurs Who've Campaigned for the Palme d'Or: "There are already two directors who have said in interviews that their films deserve to win the Palme d'Or," McCarthy noted. One is Naomi Kawase with Futatsume no mado and the other is Xavier Dolan with his film Mommy.

And the Next 'Blue Is the Warmest Color' (i.e. Breakthrough Film): "What I've heard on the grapevine in Paris, just before the festival, the one film to really look out for is a film from Argentina in the competition called Wild Tales -- which no one knows anything about," McCarthy says. "I hear it's really something."