Toddler Damages 'King's Speech' Oscar (Video)

Co-producer Simon Egan's daughter sends his best picture statuette to the Oscar hospital.


A toddler created some unscripted drama at a party celebrating The King's Speech last week.

Lara Egan, the 15-month-old daughter of King's Speech co-producer Simon Egan, was posing for a picture with her father's best picture Oscar when she suddenly she dropped it.

Egan says the Feb. 28 party stopped in its tracks when the prize tumbled onto the concrete patio. He told the U.K.'s Telegraph, "Everybody just stopped and it was quite breathless. She had no clue to the damage she had done."

Egan phoned the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences about the accident and was advised to take the statuette to the "Oscar hospital," located on the seventh floor of the Academy's Beverly Hills headquarters. There, Egan says, the Oscar was taken by a glove-wearing woman and returned within 15 minutes, minus the scratches and scrapes that resulted from the fall.

Egan now says little Lara is afraid to go near the statuette.