Toho testimonials


Jay Sakomoto
President and CEO, Shochiku Co.
"On behalf of Shochiku, we would like to congratulate chairman Matsuoka on receiving the International Lifetime Achievement Award at ShoWest 2007. I would like to personally thank chairman Matsuoka for his full support ever since I joined Shochiku in 1998 and became a part of the Japanese film industry. It is a known fact that not only has he been showing his ability to lead Toho, which is the leading company in the Japanese film industry, but also his personal love for films. We all believe with our utmost respect that he truly deserves this honorary award."

Masao Okamura
Senior managing director, Warner Mycal Corp.
"May I extend to you my congratulations on chairman Matsuoka's winning of the International Lifetime Achievement Award and the 75th anniversary of Toho Co. Ltd. Toho still continues to lead the Japanese movie market strongly as a top leader. Last year, Japanese movies accounted for 53% of the domestic boxoffice revenue and overtook foreign movies for the first time in 21 years. This is due in large part to the contributions of Toho films. I look forward to your future success in producing and distributing much-loved films and wish for your company's growth."

Andrew Cripps
President, Paramount Pictures International
"Having begun my career in film distribution in Japan as a trainee in the (United International Pictures) Japan office, I was exposed at an early age to Toho. Compared to other exhibitors around the Asian region at the time, it always struck me how well organized and efficient the Toho Company was. Toho always had the most up-to-date information on films and what their potential was likely to be in Japan. Toho has become a world-class production, distribution and exhibition company, producing, marketing and exhibiting a huge variety of films. Their leadership is largely due to the first-class executive team that they have in place, led by Matsuoka-san, who not only leads his company to ever greater heights year after year but is also a well-respected industry leader in the wider entertainment industry in Japan."

Tetsuo Tsukada
President, United Cinemas International, Japan
"Hearty congratulations on the 75th anniversary of Toho Co.! This remarkable achievement for the film industry is definitely due to Mr. Matsuoka and his strong leadership. In regards to the exhibition business, Toho acquired Virgin Cinemas Japan in 2003 and renamed it Toho Cinemas. In addition, Toho announced last year that Toho Cinemas will absorb all the theaters of local divisions of Toho nationwide -- news that sent shockwaves through the Japanese exhibition industry. From these constant forward-looking strategies, Toho's market share among the 13 Japanese majors reached 30.7% in 2006. Toho's great achievement is still growing and influencing not only the Japan film industry but also overseas industries. Thus, Mr. Matsuoka is extremely deserving of this International Lifetime Achievement Award."

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