Toho vet to receive APSA Award


HONG KONG – Isao Matsuoka, a 52-year veteran of Japanese studio Toho, will receive the APSA 2009 FIAPF Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film at next week's Asia Pacific Screen Awards ceremony.
"Mr. Matsuoka is widely credited with establishing Toho as the undisputed leader in film production, distribution and exhibition in Japan today. He is one of the greats of the industry," said Screen Producers Association of Australia president, Antony I. Ginnane.
He joined Toho fresh from university in 1957, became a studio executive in 1970, and bowed out in May this year as chairman. He restructured the organization by creating the film programming department and consolidated it with the marketing, distribution and exhibition departments. On his watch Toho produced films including "Nihon Chinbotsu" (1973), "Kagemusha" and "Rengo Kantai" (1981).
The prize is given jointly by the Asia Pacific Screen Awards and the International Federation of Film Producers Associations. Previous winners were Australia’s George Miller (2007) and India’s Yash Chopra (2008).

The awards, held next Wednesday in Gold Coast, Australia, will honor films and filmmakers in 10 categories.