Tokyo Film Fest: Owen Wilson and Peter Bogdanovich Appear Briefly

A delayed start and prompt ending to a Q&A after the screening of 'She's Funny That Way' left little time for questions and Bogdanovich looking bewildered

Owen Wilson and director Peter Bogdanovich held a Q&A after the screening of She's Funny That Way at the Tokyo International Film Festival, with the last-minute addition of the Hollywood star attracting many members of the media.

The session had to be delayed to let the big press contingent in to the theatre, with a jet-lagged Bogdanovich left to talk about his long, sleepless flight from Los Angeles before the questions began without Wilson, who had yet to arrive.

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"Last time I was here was in the 1970s with Cybill Shepherd looking for locations," said Bogdanovich, noting that the veteran actress appears in She's Funny That Way.

Wilson's entrance was the cue for some shrieking from local fans packed in to the small theater.

The short timeframe and translation of everything between Japanese and English meant there were only a few questions.

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"I made a film in Singapore in the 1970s about a guy who wanted to open a whorehouse there and ended up giving some of the money to one of the real call girls that we met so she could leave the profession," explained Bogdanovich when asked where he got the idea for his movie. "I had this crazy idea based around what would happen if you gave money to a prostitute who wanted to become an actress."

In response to a question about the differences between working with Wes Anderson, Woody Allen and Bogdanovich, Wilson spoke warmly of all three, saying they created a very supportive environment for actors.

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"And shooting in New York was a real pleasure. So many films that are set there aren't shot there these days," added Wilson, who explained how he came to know the director through their mutual friend Anderson, and finally got to work together on this film.

Despite the delayed start, the event finished exactly on time, with Bogdanovich clearly unhappy with the Japanese insistence on strict punctuality. Wilson, whose late arrival meant he was onstage for little more than 10 minutes, seemed less concerned, and he put a consoling hand on the director's shoulder.

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