Tokyo Film Festival Sets Kurosawa and 'Gundam' Showcases

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'They Who Step on the Tiger's Tail'

A screening of the legendary director's 'They Who Step on the Tiger’s Tail' will take place at a kabuki theater, while all 26 films from the hit anime franchise 'Mobile Suit Gundam' will also be shown.

The Tokyo International Film Festival will screen a new print of Akira Kurosawa's They Who Step on the Tiger’s Tail at the Kabukiza Theatre on Oct. 26 as part of a special event also featuring a traditional kabuki performance.

The Kurosawa film is a 1945 adaptation of a kabuki play, which was objected to by Japanese censors who believed it mocked the tradition of the artistic form. This occurred even while post-war occupying American authorities banned most works of kabuki — a type of traditional Japanese theater — including the film, because they believed it promoted feudalistic values. They Who Step on the Tiger’s Tail was finally screened seven years after it was completed.

The Special Night Event at Kabukiza Theatre was launched in 2014 with a Charlie Chaplin showcase and this year's program will feature a live performance before the film of Ame no Goro (Goro in the rain) by renowned stage and screen actor Ainosuke Kataoka.

"The World of Gundam" program will feature all 26 of the big-screen releases from the hugely successful robot suit anime franchise created by Yoshiyuki Tomino, dating back to 1979. Gundam talk shows and other related events are scheduled for the fest. (The Gundam franchise includes robot models, TV series, manga, video games and movies; it has fans around the world and generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for Bandai Namco.)

Last year, the fest featured a showcase of Hideaki Anno, creator of cult favorite Evangelion, and is set to continue its focus on Japanese anime.

Tokyo International Film Festival will run from Oct. 22 to 31, while the TIFFCOM content market will be held Oct. 20 to 22.


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