Tokyo Game Show: 'Metal Gear' Creator Hideo Kojima Shows Off 'Death Stranding'

The long-awaited game was played by the legendary creator on stage while he delivered commentary on his new baby.

Hideo Kojima on Thursday presented almost 50 minutes of gameplay from his much-anticipated Death Stranding, drawing the biggest crowd of the opening day of Tokyo Game Show (TGS).

The first game from Kojima Productions since it and its legendary founder parted ways with Konami in 2015, Death Stranding was announced in 2016 and will finally be out for the Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) on Nov. 8.

The epic game follows Sam (Norman Reedus) as he travels across a dystopian, fragmented America attempting to reconnect its population while battling a menagerie of adversaries.

In addition to supplies, the protagonist carries a Bridge Baby, a slightly disturbing-looking fetus that gives him various abilities. Unlike in most games, carting around large amounts of weapons and equipment actually appears to be an issue in Death Stranding, slowing the character down and forcing him to use transport where available. Overbalancing due to being overloaded can be counteracted with the controller.

The scenarios in the live gameplay stage presentation ranged from green valleys to post-apocalyptic industrial landscapes, featuring the attention to detail, quirkiness and complexity that Kojima became famous for in his groundbreaking Metal Gear series. As well as a lot of traveling across long distances, the game also features recharging down time and naturally some stealthy fight scenes.

The sections shown at TGS appear to be only a small part of the Death Stranding world created by Kojima. Another 30-minute gameplay presentation is set for Saturday, one of the two public days at TGS.

In addition to Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Troy Baker, Tommie Earl Jenkins, Margaret Qualley and Lindsay Wagner were also used for motion capture, scanning and voiceovers. Mikkelsen recently visited Kojima at his Tokyo studio, as did Keanu Reeves, who appeared as a surprise guest at a presentation for the Cyberpunk 2077 game on Thursday, the first business day at TGS.