Tom Arnold Says "Watergate Level Journalists" Are Looking Into Supposed Trump-'Apprentice' Tapes

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The actor posted a series of 14 tweets on Christmas addressing the recordings he claims are in his possession: "All will be reviewed soon."

Earlier this month, actor Tom Arnold made claims to Dori Monson's Seattle-based radio show that he has unreleased recordings of president-elect Donald Trump making racist, lewd and inflammatory statements when he was host of The Apprentice. Arnold said the tapes allegedly feature Trump using "the N-word," "the C-word" and that he can be heard calling his son a "retard."

On Christmas Day, Arnold took to Twitter to update followers on where the tapes currently are and what needs to happen to have them released.

The actor, who had previously taken to Twitter to say that Trump's camp had contacted him about a defamation suit over the claims, laid out a litany of tweets regarding the tapes in response to a question from fellow actor Michael Rapaport concerning the recordings. "Tom, you talking sideways. Where Dem Tapes At?" Rapaport tweeted.

"1. I'm going 2 explain cause I know U rode Trump's butt for the 5 yrs it took him 2 confirm Obama's legitimacy. I received tape via program," Arnold wrote in a response.

Arnold went on to address the privacy of the tapes, tweeting they "had a limited password" and that when he "received [the tapes] no one thought Trump would be Pres." 

Also referenced in Arnold's tweets were Putin, JFK, the Russian hacking scandal, John McCain's POW internment and Trump's "playmate girlfriends." Arnold also tweeted about his own personal "risk" in bringing up the existence of the tapes, calling it a "terrible career move."

In conclusion, Arnold assured his followers that "all will be revealed soon" and that "Watergate level journalists are on top of this." 

On Monday, it appeared the two actors connected off social media, as Rapaport tweeted that he spoke to Arnold in private and that the release of the tapes "isn't as easy as one would think," He then added, "It's not over."

Read all of Arnold's tweets below.