Watch Tom Brady Respond to a Question About Donald Trump's Lewd Comments

Tom Brady and Donald Trump GETTY - H 2016
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"Thank you, guys. Have a good day."

Tom Brady walked out of a press conference after a reporter asked him to react to the infamous recordings of Donald Trump talking crassly about women in 2005.

"With kids of your own, how would you respond If your kids heard Donald Trump's version of locker-room talk?" asked a reporter on Wednesday.

"Thank you, guys. Have a good day," the New England Patriots quarterback said with a smile, just before walking off. (See the video below.)

Brady sometimes golfs with the GOP candidate for president, and speaks highly of Trump, though he has not officially endorsed him.

The NFL star did, however, say last year that it would be "great" to see his friend win the presidency over Democrat Hillary Clinton, distressing some of his fans and encouraging sports reporters to badger him about politics.

"A great honor from somebody that knows how to win!" Trump tweeted after hearing Brady's comments. Trump also sent Brady a "Make America Great Again" hat, which the QB displayed at his locker for a while.

Brady later clarified during an interview with Boston radio station WEEI that he was just making an "offhanded comment" when he praised Trump. He added: "Whatever I vote is going to be my own, personal choice, based on how I feel. I don't even know what the issues are. I haven't paid attention to politics in a long time."

Wednesday's press conference was supposed to be about Brady's game scheduled for Sunday, when the Patriots play the Cincinnati Bengals.

It's not the first time, in fact, that Brady walked away from a press conference when reporters pivoted away from football and into Trumpian politics, as the QB did the same thing nine months ago. See that video below, as well.