Tom Brady on Donald Trump Taking Presidency: "That Would Be Great"

Tom Brady - H 2015
AP Images

Tom Brady - H 2015

Brady, who has one of Trump's "Make America Great Again" hats stored in his locker, told reporters it could be "a nice piece of memorabilia someday."

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is throwing his support behind presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Brady, a good friend of Trump's, recently told reporters during a locker room interview that he would support the Republican candidate if he won the election.

When asked if he believed Trump has what it takes to become president, Brady replied, "I hope so. That would be great," before jokingly adding, "There'd be a putting green on the White House lawn, I'm sure of that."

Brady, who keeps one of Trump's "Make America Great Again" hats in his personal locker, told the press he considers the item "a nice keepsake."

"It could be a nice piece of memorabilia someday," he said.

In a sit-down with The Hollywood Reporter, Trump described Brady as "an unbelievable guy" and "a very good friend of mine" (so much so that a Post-it note with "Tom Brady's New Cell #" was seen on top of his desk).