Tom Brady and Misty Copeland Are Trying to Make Performance-Enhancing PJs a Thing

Courtesy of Under Armour

Why spend $200 on lingerie when you can spend it on Under Armour's new sleepwear?

Even when Tom Brady sleeps, his body is still preparing to score.

The Patriots quarterback partnered with Under Armour to promote the brand's new Athlete Recovery Sleepwear. Yep — fancy PJs just for athletes looking to enhance their performance ... their performance on the field, that is, or, if you're Misty Copeland, on the stage.

The principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre fronts the Under Armour women's ad campaign for the sleepwear, which boasts a specialty fabric that the company is calling "TB12 Recovery Technology." The fabric reduces inflammation while the wearer snoozes.

"It’s very functional wear," says Brady in an Instagram video. "The technology behind it emits far infrared. The far infrared, when it’s against your skin, ends up reducing inflammation."

According to Sports Illustrated, Brady came up with the idea to incorporate the technology into a fabric and then challenged Under Armour to come up with a product. "We originally used bioceramic with certain acute injuries and thought that this would provide incredible benefits if it was embedded in a sleepwear," he said.

Under Armour claims that the bioceramic fabric turns the body's heat into far infrared, which has been shown not only to reduce inflammation, but also to promote blood flow and increase relaxation.


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Both the men's and women's sets include a Henley top ($99), a tee ($80), shorts ($60) and jogger bottoms ($99), all of which are now available on Under Armour's website. Sweet (and never swollen) dreams.