Tom Brady Says He Is Done Talking Politics For Good, Breaks Promise to Reveal Election Vote

Tom Brady - GETTY - H 2016
Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

“There’s nothing positive that comes of it. There’s been so much negativity over the last week."

It appears Tom Brady wasn't joking last week when he said he was done talking politics at the behest of his wife, model Gisele Bundchen

During his weekly radio interview with Boston's Kirk and Callahan on WEEI-FM, the New England Patriots' star quarterback said he was done talking politics when he was asked to make good on a promise he made to reveal who he voted for in the presidential election. 

Brady has said numerous times that he is a friend of Donald Trump's, but he never got into specifics about whether he thought the billionaire businessman would make a good president. On Monday, he said he would never get into it. 

“I know, I know, but I’m not talking politics anymore,” Brady said when pushed to keep his word on the election reveal. “I’ve got other things to worry about. Just speaking with my family, it’s a bad idea. I know I told you I would, and then after I told you I would, I changed my mind.”

Brady was asked last week after practice about Trump using his name in the final days leading up to the election to court voters in that area of the country. At the time, Brady sidestepped the question and said Bundchen told him to knock off the political gab. 

“I just don’t want to get into it, I really don’t,” Brady said Monday. “There’s nothing positive that comes of it. There’s been so much negativity over the last week. I’m a positive person, and I just want to keep things positive.”

The radio hosts kept pressing Brady for anything, including whether he was happy his friend made it to the White House. Again, Brady held firm.

“I don’t want to express any emotions and any feelings,” he said. “You know what I am? I’m hopeful and optimistic our country can move forward. I’m happy the election is over. I’m sure a lot of other people are. I’m going to focus on football.”