Tom Brady Not Attending Patriots' White House Visit

Trump bragged about his friendship with the superstar quarterback while stumping on the campaign trail in New England.

Tom Brady will not be attending the White House team visit Wednesday to celebrate his Patriots Super Bowl victory, according to Mike Reiss, who covers the team for ESPN.

Brady has a family issue that he will be dealing with instead, according to a statement sent to Reiss.

Brady and Donald Trump are old friends, but the superstar quarterback tried to distance himself from the president when their friendship became a hotly debated talking point during Trump's presidential run and later victory. 

Not long after Trump was elected, Brady told local reporters he was done talking about politics and about Trump for good. 

Trump bragged about his friendship with Brady while stumping on the campaign trail in New England. 

This is the second time Brady has skipped a White House Super Bowl victory visit. He was absent in 2015, also saying then he had a "family commitment."

Still, the arguably second most popular Patriot did attend the celebration and even crashed the press briefing. 

Rob Gronkowski paid a short surprise visit while Sean Spicer was talking, asking the press secretary if he need some help. 

"I think I got this. But thank you," Spicer responded.

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