Tom Brady Sparks Post-Super Bowl Trend: Is 'Brady-ing' the New 'Tebowing'?

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has led his team to five Super Bowls in his 10 seasons as a starter -- and has won three of them.

The New England quarterback's tragic pose after losing to Eli Manning and the New York Giants inspires photo copycats.

And now this is a thing: "Bradying," a trend that is supposedly sweeping the ranks of NFL fans following Sunday's Super Bowl matchup between Tom Brady's New England Patriots and Eli Manning's New York Giants.

Unless you are living under a very large rock, you are well aware that the Giants won the game in a 21-17 victory. While Manning celebrated, Brady sulked. The golden-boy quarterback and husband of Gisele Bundchen sat forlorn on the field, head down and fists clenched.

(Also not amused: Bunchen, who defended her man to the media afterward, dropping the F-bomb and blaming his teammates for not catching his passes. Awkward.)

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But back to the Bradying phenomenon: there's a Tumblr blog dedicated to it, featuring assorted photos of somber-looking people in similar poses.

The gimmicky web meme follows in the footsteps of "Tebowing," where fans of religious upstart Denver Bronco Tim Tebow copy his game-day prayer position. Yes, there's a Tumblr devoted to that too, where the act of Tebowing is described thusly: "to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different."