Tom Brady's Wife Gisele Bundchen Drops F-Bomb After Patriots' Super Bowl Loss

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His supermodel wife initially caught flack for her pre-Super Bowl "positive energy" request for her quarterback husband: "Tommy really needs our prayers."

Last week Brazilian-born supermodel Gisele Bundchen asked friends to pray for her husband, Tom Brady, ahead of one of the most "important days" of his life. She caught flack for her request for "Tommy" from the general public and — naturally — Giants fans.

Brady's team, the New England Patriots, lost the Super Bowl to the New York Giants 21-17 on Sunday in a nerve-wracking fourth quarter.

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And while Bundchen was waiting for the elevator to leave the VIP suites at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, she blamed the loss on the team's receivers and tossed an F-bomb on video, saying, "My husband cannot f—ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times."

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Later, the former Victoria's Secret model consoled Brady with hugs. He was reportedly so upset after the match, he spent almost 20 minutes sitting in the Patriots locker room staring at the floor.

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Speaking to media, Brady somberly said, "You know, we fought to the end. You know, we're very proud of that. Just came up a little bit short."

Asked if he thought he could lead his team to a winning touchdown after getting the ball back with one minute left, the 34-year-old replied: "Yeah, we tried, you know."

See Bundchen's meltdown on video here.