Tom Cruise Acts Out Children's Mummy-Themed Scripts with Jimmy Fallon

Tom Cruise Jimmy Fallon 'Tonight Show' - H 2017 Screengrab

The theme of the night was friendship in a trio of kid-written screenplays on 'The Tonight Show.'

Tom Cruise dropped by The Tonight Show on Tuesday to promote his upcoming film The Mummy, as well as have a little fun with host Jimmy Fallon.

In an edition of “Kid Theater," in which Fallon and Cruise acted out scripts reading by school children, the duo performed dramatic, mummy-themed scenes.

“I like you, but why did you kick me though?” Cruise asked, voicing a curious skeleton in the first short play.

“I was mad at you because you didn't play duck-duck-goose with me,” Fallon’s mummy character responded. They quickly resolved their issues with a “head bump,” which is “like a fist-bump, but with your head,” according to the script.

In another short vignette, also centered on friendship, Cruise was the mummy while Fallon was his friend Charlie, who enjoyed hot dogs with ketchup while Cruise’s preferred his “with dust.”

Finally, Cruise played a hiccuping mummy across from Fallon’s sheep character. Not much was discussed, but the bout of hiccups did result in Cruise napping on the ground — a truly unexpected dramatic turn.

Cruise’s appearance wasn’t only child-written thespian theatrics, however, as the star also surprised the studio audience with tickets to his upcoming film’s New York premiere following the taping of Fallon’s show Tuesday night.

Watch the video below.