Tom Cruise Latest 'Swatting' Victim, Say Police

Police surrounded his Beverly Hills home after someone called 911, saying there was an "armed robbery in progress," but it turned out to be a false report.

Tom Cruise appears to be the latest celebrity "swatting" victim.

Beverly Hills police said Thursday in a news release that cops were called to the actor's house after someone called 911, saying there was an "armed robbery in progress."

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When the officers arrived, they conducted a search, and "no emergency was discovered."

While Cruise's security offers were at the home, neither he nor his family was present.

The police said the incident is now being investigated as a crime "due to the false report."

The incident is reminiscent of several recent "swatting" instances -- a term that refers to prank calling with the intent to draw large police responses, including specialized SWAT teams.

In December, a 12-year-old was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department for allegedly making prank calls that reported violence at the homes of Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber, leading officers to respond to the stars' homes.

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"The swatting practice is extremely dangerous and places first responders and citizens in harm's way," the LAPD said in a news release.

Similar instances also have been reported recently involving the homes of Charlie Sheen, Miley Cyrus and Simon Cowell.