Watch Tom Cruise "Scared Shitless" During High-Flying 'Mission: Impossible' Stunt

Mission_Impossible_Rogue_Nation_Stunt Featurette - H 2015
Courtesy of Mission Impossible

Mission_Impossible_Rogue_Nation_Stunt Featurette - H 2015

A new promo video from the upcoming 'Rogue Nation' film shows the actor hanging from the side of a plane in-flight.

Tom Cruise didn't need a stunt double while filming the riskier scenes of Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation.

A newly released stunt featurette proves that the actor performed his own stunts in the action-packed film, including hanging from the side of a plane as it takes off from a runway.

"You can't hang a multimillion-dollar star on the outside of an airplane and fly around in the normal world, but Tom wanted to be on the outside of that plane," stunt coordinator Wade Eastwood says in the video footage about shooting the dangerous scene. "It's not a little crash and a scratch ... you're dead."

"If something went wrong, I can't get into the airplane until we land," Cruise recalls performing the stunt. "I'm feeling the force of the wind hit me. I'm actually scared shitless."

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation hits theaters July 31. Watch the stunt featurette below.