Tom Ford Talks New York Fashion Week Show, Plans to Bring Golden Globes Cameraman and Actual Red Carpet

Tom Ford -Venice Film Festival - Last Word -H 2016
Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

The fashion designer-filmmaker will kick off New York Fashion Week Wednesday with a star-studded extravaganza that will be live streamed for the viewing public at

Tom Ford is putting show business into the fashion show.

The fashion designer-filmmaker will kick off New York Fashion Week Wednesday with a star-studded extravaganza that will be live streamed for the viewing public at

There will be 180 guests and the venue is the famous Four Seasons restaurant, or what’s left of it; New York’s legendary power lunch spot recently shuttered. There will be cocktails, a seated dinner, a performance by Leon Bridges and a runway show.

Ford’s show kicks off what is shaping up to be a crazy fashion season; With retail sales in the doldrums, and the immediacy of social media challenging the exclusivity of runway shows, and the ability of magazines and designers to dictate trends six months ahead, the industry is trying new things to reinvent, which is changing the look and feel of the spring 2017 schedule.

By eventizing his fashion show, Ford is doing his part to shake things up, and hopefully, get shoppers interested in buying again.

"I've got to create something online that’s interesting," he said Tuesday morning at his Madison Avenue boutique. "We have the guy who does the camera work for the Golden Globes [Louis Horvitz] shooting this, we’ve got 22 cameras and jibs, so it will be ‘live cut to camera 7, cut to 3, cut to a close up of her face, cut to that,' because it’s got to be something that online you want to tune in and watch."

Like entertainment, which is something Ford knows about. His second film, Nocturnal Animals, debuted over the weekend at the Venice Film Festival.

"You need to see the clothes, but you also want to feel like you’re there. There’s no emcee — there was going to be an emcee but he wasn’t available. There’s a red carpet, a short one, paparazzi and intrigue. There’s even a 10 minute arrival show that goes right before," Ford says, describing how the night will unfold.

"And then the moment the runway show goes off, [on the computer] you can go back to any outfit, twirl it around, pull out the piece, buy the piece, and 24 hours later it’s at your house."

Ford is doing what’s known as a "see now, buy now" show, meaning that he will be presenting his fall 2016 collection now, in the fall, and it will be available in stores immediately afterward, as opposed to the spring 2017 collections most designers are showing this week, which won't land in stores for another 5 months.

"It feels right for now," he says. "We’ll see if it works."

Tommy Hilfiger and Burberry are among the other labels trying the "see now, buy now" format this season.

No word on what celebs will attend Ford’s show, but Tuesday morning at the boutique, stylist Elizabeth Saltzman, who has worked with Gwyneth Paltrow and Saorsise Ronan, was pulling clothes and inspecting a pair of gold sky high sandals. Ford's L.A. show in February 2015 saw a ton of famous faces (Miley Cyrus, Reese Witherspoon, Amy Adams), so it seems likely this will, too.

As for the chaos that’s set to unfold this week (Who’s showing fall? Who’s showing spring? It's 90 degrees outside, so what season exactly are we in anyway?), Ford says it’s all about reshuffling.

"Out of all of it, something that works better will become the norm. I personally feel this formula is a good one if it works. It only makes sense that you spend the millions of dollars promoting a collection when the things are actually in the store."