Student Whose ID Tom Hanks Found Says She Still Doesn't Have It: "I Would Love My ID Back"

"Tom, I'm here!"

Lauren lost her student ID while jogging and Tom Hanks found it, graciously tweeting about the incident in an effort to return the identification card to Lauren. The incident went viral and Lauren went on Good Morning America on Wednesday to talk about her experience.

The Fordham University student said she was jogging when she stopped to take and Instagram a picture of New York City in the fall. When she took her phone out of her armband, unbeknownst to her, the student ID must have dropped out.

She said she's not on Twitter, so she didn't know Tom Hanks had found her ID until her professor emailed her with a link to his tweet, telling her "You're famous."

Lauren said her phone blew up and she didn't get any of her homework done. Yesterday, Lauren's roommate Alex tweeted that Hanks had returned the ID, but she has since taken the tweet down. Lauren said she actually hasn't received the student ID yet.

"If you're listening and you're out there I would love my ID back," said Lauren, laughing. "I also had to pay $20 to get a new one," she added, while the GMA hosts laughed at the implication Hanks should refund her and offered to pay her back themselves.

"Tom, I'm here!" said Lauren.

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