Tom Hanks Talks 'Toy Story,' Performs 'Bridge of Spies' Scenes Written By Children on 'Tonight Show'

The actor told the late-show host during his first visit to the 'Tonight Show' that he has to make children cover their eyes and listen to him act as Woody for them to believe he was the star of 'Toy Story.'

Tom Hanks made his first visit to the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday.

Jimmy Fallon and Hanks first reminisced about yelling at one another in gibberish every time they saw one another at events before they discussed Toy Story, Bridge of Spies and acted out scenes of the new film written by children.

Hanks, who sported a grey New York Yankees baseball cap with his grey suit and tie, told the late-show host that he began wearing berets in New York to keep his head warm from the cold before sharing his excitement about the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special.

"I was sitting behind Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones and in front of Paul McCartney of the Beatles," he said of texting his brother, Larry, at the reunion. Fallon reminisced that he tied the actor's shoe at the reunion and Hanks gave him a $20 bill, which they reenacted and Hanks giving him another bill.

"Wear a beret to keep your head warm and always have a 20 in your pocket," Hanks said before the two discussed Toy Story.

Fallon shared that he watches every movie that Hanks, or his voice, is in. "Most of your films I listen to. I don't even watch. I go to the theater and close my eyes," Fallon said. The actor then told audiences that when he is on elevators with parents and their children, the parents will excitedly say to their kids, "This is Woody!" but most children won't understand.

"I have to make the kid close his eyes. I say, 'close your eyes. Close your eyes,' the kid goes like this," Hanks said covering his eyes with his hands. "We gotta get back to Andy's room!" he says to them, which is when the childrens' mouths open wide in excitement and awe.

The star of Steven Spielberg's new film, Bridge of Spies, discussed his leading role before the two performed "kid theater." Fallon told him that he had to perform scenes from Bridge of Spies that weren't actually from the film, but were written by elementary school kids who had no direction — solely working off the title of the film.

Both sporting berets, the two acted out scenes that were written by children. "That is a nice one. That deserves a second look," Hanks said stuffing the first script that the two read into his coat pocket. Fallon took the second script and said he'd take a second look at it before they read the third scene.

"I can see bad guys coming in the distance," Hanks said acting out his role. "I wish I could see them too, but you're the one with the binoculars," Fallon said, to which Hanks replied, "It's not my fault you forgot yours at home."

Bridge of Spies hits theaters on Oct. 16. Watch the videos below.

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