Tom Hanks Makes Another Wish With 'Big' Fortune-Telling Machine

Tom Hanks and Zoltar — H 2016

Zoltar, played by Stephen Colbert, had trouble keeping Hanks and Tim Allen straight and had a very Hollywood request in exchange for granting Hanks' request.

Tom Hanks had a conversation with Zoltar, the carnival fortune-telling machine from his iconic film Big, while on The Late Show on Monday.

The actor rediscovered the machine, this time with Stephen Colbert playing Zoltar, and asked Zoltar if he remembered him. Colbert's Zoltar struggled to tell Hanks apart from Tim Allen, but asked the Inferno star to continue with his wish. Hanks said that the last time they'd met, he'd been a 13-year-old boy wanting to be older and wants to "do that again please."

"Your wish is to be 17 years older?" asked Zoltar. No, Hanks clarified: "I want you to turn me 30 years old again." He said that the lesson he learned in Big — that being older isn't always what it's cracked up to be — is something he's "constantly learning every day" at his age.

When Zoltar asked him to sell his soul as payment, Hanks said he already did that to raise money for That Thing You Do. They settled on Hanks agreeing to read Zoltar's screenplay, which he hopes Colin Hanks will be interested in.