Tom Hardy Says There's "No Shadow of Doubt" He'll Do Another 'Mad Max'

Tom Hardy - H 2015
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Tom Hardy - H 2015

The actor also revealed he was given a dog named "Mad Max" as a teenager.

Mad Max: Fury Road is undoubtedly set to be one of the hot tickets at next month’s Cannes Film Festival, where it’s getting its world premiere on May 14. But the film’s star Tom Hardy doesn’t think the long-awaited return to George Miller’s apocalyptic hell scape, the first in 30 years, will be the last.

Asked whether he would do another Mad Max in an interview with Total Film magazine, the actor said that it would "largely depend on the performance" of Fury Road, but he was confident nonetheless. "I have no shadow of doubt in my mind that we’ll be going on again with this,” he added.

Hardy also revealed an early indicator that that he would be eventually be stepping into Mel Gibson’s famed boots

"By the time I was 15,16, 17, I got a dog called Mad Max. He was given to me actually. They said, 'His name is Mad Max,' and I changed the name to Maximoose," he explained.

"[He was a] black dog, pit bull cross Labrador. Brilliant dog. He died the year that I made Max. There's a certain linear sort of coincidence as to how I feel about this now that I've ended up playing him."