Tom Hiddleston's Steamy 'Night Manager' Sex Scene Creates Social Media Frenzy

The Night Manager Still 1 - Tom Hiddleston - H 2016
Courtesy of Des Willie/The Night Manager Ltd

The fourth episode of the spy thriller — due to begin airing on AMC next month — left British viewers hot under the collar.

American audiences aren't due to get their first taste of The Night Manager, the six-part adaptation of John Le Carre's spy thriller starring Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie, until it airs on AMC April 19.

But anyone inspecting social media might already be bracing for one of its more eye-opening moments.

The fourth episode of the drama, estimated to have cost some $30 million and produced by The Ink Factory, was broadcast on Sunday in the U.K. on the BBC, sparking what one website described as a "Twitter meltdown" following a particularly steamy scene.

The moment features Hiddleston's undercover agent Jonathan Pine having sex against the wall of a hotel room with Jed Marshal, the girlfriend of Laurie's arms dealer played by Elizabeth Debicki.

Although it only lasted a minute, the brief appearance of Hiddleston's buttocks on British TV screens provoked widespread online approval.

Even before the unveiling of Hiddleston's "thrusting" derriere, The Night Manager had proved to be a ratings success for the BBC. Each episode so far has drawn in excess of 6 million overnight viewers, claiming the sought-after Sunday night TV crown (and beating rival broadcaster ITV's three-part period drama Doctor Thorne by Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes).

The success has even sparked rumors of a sequel, which would be the first time a Le Carre adaptation had gone beyond the author's original novel. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, producers The Ink Factory — which is run by Le Carre's sons — wouldn't comment on conversations around a second season. However, the scale of the project, plus the involvement of Le Carre, would likely mean any deal is at least several months away.