Tom Holland Surprises Chris Pratt During Audience Q&A on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Chris Pratt (L) and Tom Holland - Getty - H 2020
Todd Williamson/Getty Images

Holland asked Pratt to name his favorite actor named Tom during Thursday's episode of the ABC late-night show.

Tom Holland surprised his Onward co-star Chris Pratt during the latter's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday.

While taking questions from the audience, Pratt was surprised to see a familiar face when Holland asked his Onward co-star to name his favorite actor "out of all of the actors in the world."

Pratt said Denzel Washington was his favorite actor, though Holland wasn't happy with the answer. "How about an actor whose name begins with Tom?" asked Holland. Pratt responded, "Oh. Tom Cruise."

"What if his second name began with an H? Tom H," Holland said. Pratt excitedly answered, "Hanks!"

When Holland prompted Pratt to name his favorite British actor named Tom, Pratt responded by stating that Tom Hanks is not British.

"Oh, I see where this is going," said Pratt. "Tom Hardy. He played Venom and he was very good."

Holland responded that the correct answer was a younger actor, so Pratt said Tom Hiddleston was his next favorite British actor named Tom with a last name that begins with an H.

Once Holland gave up on having Pratt say he is his favorite actor, Kimmel invited him to join them on the stage.

The two later discussed their upcoming Pixar movie Onward. Set in a suburban fantasy world populated by elves, trolls, mermaids, centaurs and other magical creatures, the animated film follows two teenage elf brothers (Holland and Pratt) that embark on an extraordinary quest in an attempt to bring their late father back to life.

Kimmel asked if Pratt and Holland feel like brothers after playing siblings in the film. "Absolutely," answered Holland. Pratt added, "It feels like it."

Watch the full interview below.