Tom Selleck Accused of Public Water Theft (Report)

Tom Selleck - H 2015
Associated Press

A Southern California water district alleges that the actor repeatedly filled a commercial water truck from a public hydrant, ignoring cease-and-desists.

Tom Selleck appears to be in hot water. 

Calleguas Municipal Water District filed suit against the actor and his wife, Jillie Mack, on Monday, claiming he used a public hydrant to fill a commercial water truck on 12 different occasions, according to Courthouse News Service

With the state of California suffering through a serious drought, the water district says that it saw the truck fill up from a hydrant at a Thousand Oaks construction site and then take seven trips in September and October 2013 into the Hidden Valley area that is believed to be Selleck's residence.

Court documents allege that the Blue Bloods star continued filling his tanker even after cease-and-desist notices were sent to two of his Southern California homes. 

The district, which serves a large portion of Ventura County, claims it paid $21,685.55 to an investigator to look into the alleged water theft. It is seeking that amount and an injunction, along with court and attorney fees. 

A rep for Selleck did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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