Tom Sizemore's Alleged Sexual Assault of Minor Detailed in Newly Surfaced Police Report

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Police did not corroborate claims with people tied to the production, and the case never moved forward.

A newly surfaced report from Salt Lake City police details the sexual-assault accusation an 11-year-old girl brought against actor Tom Sizemore.

The alleged incident occurred in 2003 during shooting for the film Born Killers (shot as Piggy Banks). A child actress told her mother the actor touched her genitals, The Hollywood Reporter first reported Nov. 13, and Sizemore had to leave the set over the accusation. Eventually he was brought back onto the project.

According to the report, initially obtained by the Salt Lake Tribune, police interviewed the alleged victim, her mother and two people with the production before turning evidence over to the district attorney's office, but charges were not brought forth.

Meanwhile, a civil attorney for the production company told police during the investigation that after Sizemore had been fired, the actor in turn was in the process of suing the production company. Sizemore would later rejoin the film for reshoots in Malibu at the home of one of the producers.

In the report, the victim's mother told police that her daughter informed her that Sizemore attempted to kiss her more than once during the shoot for the film. The girl also described an incident in which he placed his upturned palm underneath her bottom when she sat down next to him during a still photo session, in which she played his daughter. At the time of this shoot, according to the police report, Sizemore lifted his fingers while she was sitting on his hand, "causing pressure on her vagina." The narrative adds: "She said she squirmed away, and he moved his hand with her. She said he then curled up his fingers, and pushed them into the area of her 'vaginal hole.' " This occurred over her clothes.

The available police documentation does not indicate that Sizemore himself was interviewed as part of its investigation.

The report states that the girl told her mother what transpired after the shoot, while they were alone, and that after further questioning, the girl said she was positive Sizemore touched her on purpose. The actress playing the girl's mother — Sizemore's onscreen wife — previously told THR that the girl was visibly uncomfortable during the alleged incident. "At one point her eyes got just huge, like she could've vomited," Robyn Adamson said. "I was watching her. She soon reintegrated and kept going, although she had trouble taking direction. Later, when I was told about what happened, I knew exactly what it was."

Police spoke to the girl's on-set handler, who said she didn't see anything inappropriate occur with Sizemore. A production manager later told law enforcement that there were more than 100 people on or around the set that day and that "she had not heard anyone say they had seen anything suspicious happen." (THR's Nov. 13 inquiry found a number of cast and crewmembers indicating that word quickly spread about a troubling alleged incident involving Sizemore and the actress.)

According to the report, law enforcement requested photos from the portrait session for evidentiary review. It's unclear from the available documentation if they were ever received and considered before the case was closed.

The report concludes by noting that the case was sent to the district attorney's office, where it was "declined for prosecution due to witness and evidence problems."

After refusing to address the matter with THR, Sizemore on Nov. 16 replied to a Twitter user who brought up the allegation, telling him: "It didn't happen, bro."