Tom Sizemore Released From Custody After Early Morning Arrest


The actor's rep blames a clerical error for the actor's brief incarceration Tuesday.

Natural Born Killers actor Tom Sizemore was arrested early Tuesday morning in Los Angeles on an outstanding warrant. He was later released from custody on $26,000 bail.

The warrant was for a misdemeanor battery charge, according to local Los Angeles news station KTLA.

Sizemore has a history of substance abuse and domestic violence arrests, including a 2003 assault and battery conviction involving "Hollywood Madame" Heidi Fleiss.  He reportedly did not have any drugs on him when officers arrived at his Wilshire Blvd. apartment around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday.

In fact, police arrived at Sizemore's door to investigate an unrelated case involving a stolen car and an assistant who sometimes stays with Sizemore. They did not arrest the actor until consulting a list that noted that Sizemore had not finished community service for one of his sentences, notes E! Online. Sizemore's rep contends that the entire incident was a clerical error and that Sizemore had in fact, completed all of his community service hours.

Sizemore tweeted Tuesday, "a lot of bad information has been put out there about me. the truth will eventually surface. I will be exonerated. more info soon." He also thanked fans for their "ongoing support."

Sizemore is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 14 to address this latest brush with the law.

The actor is guest starring on Hawaii 5-0 this season.

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