Tom Waits Signs With WME

Evan Agostini/AP
Tom Waits

The legendary singer-songwriter, composer and actor has not signed with an agency for over 20 years.

For the first time in more than two decades, Tom Waits has signed with an agency. William Morris Endeavor now represents the legendary singer-songwriter, composer and actor in all areas. He is managed theatrically by The Schiff Company. 

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, known for his gruff howl and genre-bending mix of rock with blues, jazz, and vaudeville styles, has been active since the early 1970s and has released 16 studio albums over that time. His catalogue includes Ol' 55Martha and Tom Traubert's Blues. Waits' latest album, Bad as Me, was released by Anti- in 2011 and peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard 200, No. 2 on the Top Rock Albums and No. 1 on the Top Independent Albums. 

Over the years, Waits has contributed to several films as a musician and an actor. This has included scores for films such as Francis Ford Coppola's One from the Heart, which earned Waits an Academy Award nomination, and soundtrack contributions for I'm Still Here, Shrek 2, Liberty Heights and Dead Man Walking. As an actor, Waits has appeared in a number of films going back to the late 1970s, including Rumble Fish and The Outsiders early on and Seven Psychopaths and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus more recently.

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