Tomatoes' top seeds: 'Casino,' 'Queen'


"Casino Royale and "The Queen" were the two best-reviewed films of 2006, according to, which aggregates reviews online.

The site, operated by Fox Interactive Media, said Wednesday as it announced its Golden Tomatoes Awards in 14 categories that "Casino" was the best-reviewed wide-release film of the year, scoring a positive rating of 95%.

"Queen" was hailed as best-reviewed limited-release film of the year, picking up a near-unanimous 98% rating.

While the site lobbed a moldy tomato award to "Basic Instinct 2," which it called the worst-reviewed film of the year, it handed out kudos in 11 other categories.

"Casino" also took top honors in the action-adventure category, while "Queen" prevailed as best-reviewed drama.

Other films cited were "Cars" for animation, "Borat" (comedy), "Wordplay" (documentary), "Pan's Labyrinth" (foreign), "The Descent" (horror), "Lassie" (family), "The Science of Sleep" (romance), "Children of Men" (sci-fi) and "The Departed" (thriller).