Tommy Chong Celebrates Birthday With 700 Friends, Cannabis Doctor and Free Marijuana

Tommy Chong's Birthday Bash - Publicity - H 2016

Tommy Chong's Birthday Bash - Publicity - H 2016

The legendary stoner comic celebrated No. 78 at Mack Sennett Studios in L.A.

Hours after Tommy Chong's daughter Rae Dawn Chong posted on Facebook that her famous father was "heartbroken" over being uninvited to speak at a rally for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, the legendary stoner comic looked to be back in good spirits at his 78th birthday party.

Chong believes Sanders' camp dropped him from the Los Angeles rally because of his association with marijuana, but that didn't stop him from loading his May 24 bash full of the green stuff — and 700 friends, who gathered at Mack Sennett Studios in Los Angeles.

Chong, who was diagnosed with rectal cancer last year after beating prostate cancer before that, also used the occasion to roll out his new line of medicinal cannabis products. Many in the mellow crowd (which included Breaking Bad's RJ Mitte) visited with a doctor in the house (convenient!) to procure a medicinal marijuana card, allowing them to partake in and pass around their free "Chong’s Choice" ganja.

Amid the smoky haze, Chong's partner in comedy, Cheech Marin, exclaimed to the crowd, "Motherfer made it to 78!"

James Davis hosted the evening and introduced stand-up acts that included Saturday Night Live's Jon Rudnitsky, Erik Griffin (Workaholics) and Luenell Campbell.

Instead of dishing on Sanders, Chong told the audience about another campaign he is getting behind — making his birthday another marijuana-inspired holiday. "I want to thank everyone for their love and for getting stoned and having a good time tonight," he said. "I want to make this an annual event. We need more than 4/20, we need 5/24."

He also took the opportunity to praise his wife. "Next year, I'm going to start a new tradition. Instead of you giving me gifts, I'm going to give you gifts. I don't need anything. I've got everything I need," he explained. "I've got the most wonderful wife in the world. [Shelby is] the reason I'm here today. If it wasn't for that lady, I'd be in … Vancouver."