An "InstaPit" Is Coming to NYFW Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger

Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger - P 2015
Getty Images

Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger - P 2015

Nothing says "high fashion" like a good pit.

Tommy Hilfiger loves Instagrammers — and with good reason, as they bring awareness to his brand, highlight his latest collections and drum up hype for his collaborations with Instagram darlings like supermodel-turned-designer, Gigi Hadid

So it should come as no surprise that Hilfiger has chosen a unique way to show his love for his 'grammers. The designer has announced that he will create an "InstaPit" at his fall 2016 presentation at the Park Avenue Armory during New York Fashion Week.

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What's an "InstaPit," you ask? Well, according to the brand, the pit is "a dedicated Instagram Media Pit" which celebrates "the fusion of social media and fashion photography." Those Instagrammers that are lucky enough to be thrown into the pit include "content creators" — likely, bloggers, young starlets and other semi-famouses which fall into the ambiguous "influencer" category. (We have a feeling Anna Wintour will steer clear.)

“Each season we use digital technology in innovative ways that transform the show setting and open the experience to everyone — from guests in New York to our global fan base watching via livestream and on social media,” said Hilfiger in a statement. "For Fall 2016 we’ll leverage [Instagram]’s incredible popularity and influence in the industry with the first ever ‘InstaPit’.”

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Other digitally focused endeavors included the brand's "Twitter Halo" during its spring 2016 presentation as well as its "InstaMeet" in 2014, which gave 20 Instagrammers an inside look at Hilfiger's environment on the day of his show. 

The digital focus is just another way that brands like Hilfiger's are working to democratize the fashion show experience and give fans an accessible view of the collection. Whether the pit or another approach — like Misha Nonoo's "Insta-Show" in 2015 — become the norm remains to be seen.