Tommy Lee Jones suing Paramount for $10 mil

Claims he is owed for work on 'No Country'

Paramount is no "friendo" to Tommy Lee Jones right now.

The actor has sued the studio, claiming it owes him at least $10 million in boxoffice bonuses and back-end compensation for his work in the Oscar-winning "No Country for Old Men."

Jones filed suit against Paramount and N.M. Classics in Bexar County, Texas, where he lives. The lawsuit claims his contract included a reduced upfront fee plus more compensation if the film was successful. The film has grossed $160 million worldwide and was named best picture at last year's Academy Awards, in addition to winning two Golden Globes and several other honors.

Jones claims Paramount has failed to fully pay him. The studio, he alleges, claims there are mistakes in his contract involving home video and the boxoffice bonus formula.

Paramount said it is studio policy to not comment on pending litigation.

"That said, we're confident we have fulfilled our obligations to Mr. Jones," the studio said.

Jones, who played Sheriff Ed Tom Bellcq in the film, also rejects the studio's assertion that the dispute must go to arbitration under the contract, like others involved in the film.

"At least one other person, ("Country" producer) Scott Rudin, is not subject to the same arbitration provisions that were demanded of plaintiff, and, indeed Rudin is not required to have disputes relating to the picture addressed in arbitration at all," the lawsuit states.