Tony Award Winner Bette Midler Outlasts Playoff Music: "Shut That Crap Off!"

Backstage, she shouted, "Bette Midler for president!"

While accepting her Tony for best lead actress in a musical, the always loquacious Bette Midler had a lot to say — and made sure all of it was heard.

During her lengthy speech, the playoff music started to swell as a sign to wrap it up, though Midler wasn't done just yet and instructed: "Shut that crap off!" She went on to praise the musical in which she starred — Hello, Dolly! — and said, "This play has the ability to lift your spirits in these terrible, terrible times."

After her speech, Midler went backstage, where she also shared her appreciation for the Broadway community and the acting teachers who've helped her, as well as her advice for young performers.

While answering questions from reporters — "Sean Spicer here!" she joked — Midler also shared her thoughts on Trump's efforts to cut NEA funding.

"The arts are a source of revenue for the city and a great source of revenue for the United States, if only they weren’t so narrow-minded and perverse about helping with the NEA and helping the arts out in our world," she said. "They are dead set on making barbarians out of all of us and all of our children. I don’t want to be a barbarian. I want color and beauty and light in my life, and I think everybody in their heart of hearts does."

And on her way out, she shouted, "Bette Midler for president!"

Hello, Dolly! won four awards in all, including best revival of a musical.

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