Tony Awards 2015: Larry David Jokes About Snub, Invokes Anti-Semitism (Video)

David and Jason Alexander joked at the expense of their comedy 'Fish in the Dark.'

A cantankerous Seinfeld duo found humor in getting snubbed at the Tony awards.

"The true measure of a man is not to be nominated and still show up to read a list of names of those who are nominated," Larry David quipped. "That's a big man;. That's a big, big man."

Jason Alexander replied, "You say 'big man'; others might say 'loser.'"

But David wasn't finished just yet, jokingly ranting about not receiving a nomination for Fish in the Dark, which he wrote and starred in, and invoking anti-Semitism along the way. 

"If by 'loser,' you're referring to a man who's greeted eight times a week by 1,000 people that stand as one, applauding until their hands are raw, cheering until their voices are spent, whispering, 'He's so much better looking in person,' and laughing until their faces are contorted in an anguished mask," David continued, "that can best be described as a sort of Bell's palsy."

He didn't stop there: "People who, if it were up to them, would put aside the obvious anti-Semitism — yeah, that's right, yeah, I said it; I said it — the anti-Semitism that denies a nomination to a Larry David or a Harvey Weinstein. Then, yes, I am a loser."

Fish in the Dark, which wasn't nominated at the Tonys, opened on March 5 of this year, with David in the lead role in the comedy. Alexander is set to replace David as the lead on June 9. 

Weinstein's high-profile Broadway show Finding Neverland also did not receive a Tony nomination. 

Alexander and David presented the best musical award to Fun Home, which claimed the win over American in Paris, Something Rotten! and The Visit.