Tony Hale Calls Trump "Bats---," Says 'Veep' Highlights "The Crazy"

"There is something about [Trump's] crazy that I think is actually everywhere, but people just don't talk about. Everybody's ... got some crazy."

“I love that we show the crazy,” Veep star Tony Hale told The Hollywood Reporter during the Comedy Actor Emmy Roundtable. Speaking to Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ comments on how Trump is no contest to her narcissistic character, President Selina Meyer, Hale said: “I think Trump is completely bats---, but I think there’s some crazy there, and I think there’s some crazy other places. We just happen to highlight that a lot of times.”

Hale continued about Veep: “Our show takes you behind the scenes and shows you the crazy. A lot of these politicians, they say perfect soundbites, they do what they do, but behind the scenes they’re getting insecure, they’re freaking out, they’re trying to position themselves to get forward, they’re cussing out their assistant, whatever.”

The actor has won two Emmy Awards for supporting actor in a comedy series for his portrayal of Gary Walsh on the HBO show. “I can just speak to the joy that I get from the show," he said. "[Trump’s] crazy is out there, but everybody is a work in progress. Everybody’s got some crazy.”

Hale credited Tim Conway (best known for his work on The Carol Burnett Show) as the person who taught him the most about being funny onscreen: “[Conway] would do kind of the smallest thing and he just kind of trusted these crazy circumstances he was given, so rather than push the comedy he would just kind of sit in it, and sit in the tension, and it was just funny to watch.”

He also pointed out his Comedy Actor Roundtable co-star Jeffrey Tambor (Transparent) as teaching him about being funny from when they worked together on Arrested Development. Hale said he was “very new to the business with Arrested and Jeffrey scared the crap out of” him, but he praised Tambor for having “a confidence to his style that was incredibly inspiring, because he trusted what he brought to the table. It had a strength to it.”

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