'Tony Manero' tops Habana awards

Festival's special jury prize goes to 'Leonera'

Pablo Larrain's "Tony Manero," a Chilean drama about a murderous thug and nightclub performer who loves "Saturday Night Fever," was awarded top prize in the 30th annual Habana Film Festival on Friday.

The runner-up in the fest's juried Coral Awards was "Linha de Passe," a Brazilian soccer drama co-directed by Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas. The Cuban drama "El Cuerno de la Abundancia," helmed by Juan Carlos Tabio, took third place in the feature-film category.

A special jury award was presented to Pablo Trapero's Argentine women's prison drama "Leonera." "La Buena Vida" -- a series of dramatic vignettes by Chilean filmmaker Andreas Wood -- copped a jury honorable mention.

The Havana festival, also known as the International Festibval of New Latin Aerican Cinema, began Dec. 2. The festival's noncompetition programming featured a special screening of Steven Soderbergh's "Che" and a retrospective of the work of British director Mike Leigh, who attended the fest.

The fest attracts massive support from local moviegoers, in addition to regional filmmakers, and additional screenings of fest winners were planned for theaters throughout Havana on Saturday and Sunday.

A list of winners in additional categories follows:


"Tierra y Pan," Carlos Armella, Mexico

Honorable mention
"Hoy No Estoy," Gustavo Taretto, Argentina


First place
"Tony Manero," Pablo Larrain, Chile

Second place
"Linha de Passe," Walter Salles, Daniela Thomas, Brasil

Third place
"El Cuerno de la Abundancia," Juan Carlos Tabio, Cuba

Special jury award
"Leonera," Pablo Trapero, Argentina

Honorable mention
"La Buena Vida," Andres Wood, Chile


Rufino Basavilbaso, Francisco Adrianzen, "Dioses," Peru

Original music
Fernando Moura, Marcos Suzano, "Mare, nossa historia de amor," Brasil

Gustavo Giani, Livia Serpa, "Linha de Passe," Brasil

Art direction
Graciela Oderigo, "Leonera," Argentina

Serguei Saldivar, "Desierto adentro"

Arturo Arango, Juan Carlos Tabio, "El Cuerno de la Abundancia," Cuba

Best actor
Alfredo Castro, "Tony Manero," Chile

Best actress
Sandra Corveloni, "Linha de Passe," Brasil

Albertina Carri, "La Rabia," Argentina


First place
"Parque via," Enrique Rivero, Mexico

Second place
"Mutum," Sandra Kogut, Brasil

Third place
"Acne," Federico Veiroj, Uruguay

Special prize for artistic contribution
"Perro Come Perro," Carlos Moreno, Colombia

Honorable mention
"Filmefobia," Kiko Goifman, Brasil


First place
"El Empleo," Santiago Bou Grasso, Argentina

Second place
"V al Paraiso," Pablo Alibaud Hortal, Chile

Third place
"Dossie Re Bordosa," Cesar Cabral, Brasil

Honorable mention
"Titiri-we, el Canto de la Noche," Viveca Baiz, Venezuela


First place
"Los Herederos," Eugenio Polgovsky, Mexico

Second place
"El Diario de Agustin," Ignacio Aguero, Chile

Third place
"Stranded -- Vengo de un Avion Que Cayo en las Montanas," Gonzalo Arijon, Uruguay

Special jury prize
"Intimidades de Shakespeare y Victor Hugo," Yulene Olaizola, Mexico

Honorable mention
"The Illusion," Susana Barriga, Cuba


"Mia," Javier Van de Couter, Argentina

Special jury prize
"Natural," Aurora Natural Arpajou, Argentina
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