'Tony Manero' wins top prize at Turin

Film fest concluded Saturday  

ROME -- "Tony Manero," an unlikely drama about a serial killer obsessed with John Travolta's character from "Saturday Night Fever," was named best film at the 26th Turin Film Festival, which wrapped over the weekend.

The Brazil-Chile co-production from director Pablo Larrain also won the festival's film critic's award along with the best actor prize for lead Alfredo Castro.

Emmanuelle Devos won the best actress award for her role in Fien Troch's "Unspoken," and Sean Baker's drama "The Prince of Broadway" won the jury prize.

But the award winners were almost overshadowed by a non-announcement from Turin's second-year artistic director, Nanni Moretti. The noted auteur, who took the helm at Turin last year after announcing a sabbatical from filmmaking, was expected to announce Saturday whether he would stay at the festival for a longer period. Instead, he said a decision would be made within a week.

The festival was highlighted by the arrival of Roman Polanski for a retrospective of his work, along with an appearance by Oliver Stone, whose biographical satire "W." opened the festival Nov. 21.

The best flm prize paid 25,000 euros ($32,500), with 10,000 euros ($13,000) going to the winner of the jury prize, as well as secondary awards including best Italian documentary -- for Bruno Oliviero's "Naples, Municipal Square" -- and best Italian short -- Fulvio Pepe's "To Those Already Dead and to Those About to Die."