Tony Scott Autopsy Reveals 'Therapeutic' Drug Level, No Evidence of Cancer

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Scott, captured in 2009 at home by his longtime personal photographer, Daniela Scaramuzza.

UPDATED: The coroner's report said the anti-depressant Remeron and sleep aid Lunesta were found in the 68-year-old "Top Gun" director's system.

Director Tony Scott had only a "therapeutic" level of anti-anxiety medication and a sleep aid in his system when he jumped to his death from a bridge Aug. 19, the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner has determined in its preliminary report. 

The autopsy, conducted Aug. 20, determined that Scott died from multiple blunt force injuries after jumping off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro. According to the coroner's report, the anti-depressant Remeron and sleep aid Lunesta were found in the 68-year-old Top Gun director's system.

According to the coroner's office, Scott did not have inoperable brain cancer, as ABC News has reported.

"No anatomic evidence of neoplasia -- cancer -- identified," said Kimberly Arnold, an investigator in the coroner's office, in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

The reasons behind Scott's decision to take his own life have been shrouded in mystery. An Aug. 20 report by ABC News said that Scott, whose films also include Crimson Tide and Man on Fire, had brain cancer. But Los Angeles County Coroner's chief investigator Craig Harvey said later that day that the director's family -- Scott was the father of twin preteen boys with wife Donna Wilson Scott -- told investigators it was "incorrect" that the filmmaker had brain cancer.

ABC News, which drew widespread media scrutiny, later amended its story to say Scott's family was unaware he had cancer. On Tuesday, ABC News issued an apology and retraction of its original story.

Los Angeles County coroner spokesman Ed Winters has told THR that Scott left two separate notes for his family and friends. One note, discovered inside the director's black Toyota Prius, contained a list of people to contact, and a separate note found in Scott's office contained specific messages to friends and family.

In the aftermath of his death, Scott's family established the Tony Scott Scholarship Fund at the American Film Institute to honor the director's life and work. A private, family-only funeral for Scott took place Aug. 24 in Los Angeles, five days after he died.

The final autopsy report is expected to be released within two weeks, according to the coroner's office.


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