Tony Scott Funeral Plans and Memorial Announced

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Scott, captured in 2009 at home by his longtime personal photographer, Daniela Scaramuzza.

A private memorial will be followed by a second gathering that will pay tribute to the late director.

A private, family only funeral will be held for director Tony Scott this weekend in Los Angeles, with another gathering slated to be announced after Labor Day, the late filmmaker's family said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter Wednesday afternoon.

The 68-year-old director of hits such as Top Gun and Days of Thunder, died Aug. 19 in what has been deemed "a witnessed suicide" by authorities. Scott, the father of twin preteen boys with wife Donna Wilson Scott, jumped from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro.

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"Tony Scott will be honored at a private, family only ceremony this weekend in Los Angeles," the Scott family said in a statement. "The family will announce plans after Labor Day for a gathering to celebrate the life and work of Mr. Scott. Details will be forthcoming once they are formalized."

Since the filmmaker's shocking death, tributes have poured in from all corners of the entertainment industry. 

"Tony was my dear friend, and I will really miss him," said Tom Cruise in a statement. The star met with Scott on Aug. 17 to discuss their planned Top Gun 2 remake, touring a naval base in Nevada. "He was a creative visionary whose mark on film is immeasurable."

The reasons behind Scott's decision to take his own life remain shrouded in mystery. An Aug. 20 report by ABC News said that Scott, whose films also include Crimson Tide and Man on Fire, suffered from inoperable brain cancer. But Los Angeles County Coroner's chief investigator Craig Harvey said later that day that the director's family -- Scott was the father of twin preteen boys with wife Donna Wilson Scott -- told investigators it was "incorrect" that the filmmaker had brain cancer.

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ABC News, which drew widespread media scrutiny, later amended its story to say Scott's family was unaware he had cancer. An ABC News rep told THR on Aug. 22 it would continue to pursue the story and "will issue a full retraction and apology" if incorrect information was reported.

An autopsy conducted Aug. 20 could shed light on any Scott health problems. Ed Winter, assistant chief of investigation for the coroner's office, has told THR that his office does not yet know if Scott was ill. (Any pre-existing ailments likely won't be determined for several weeks, once toxicology and other test results are returned.)

Scott's publicist, Simon Halls, has not responded to e-mails and phone calls seeking comment about his client's health, and the Scott family did not addressed the matter in its statement about the funeral arrangements.


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