Tool gauges impact of brands


NEW YORK -- Branded entertainment valuation company iTVX has partnered with marketing research firm Marketing Evolution to offer advertisers a new service that measures both the media and marketing value of brand integration deals.

The service, called Total Entertainment Accountability and Measurement Solution, or TEAM Solution, is designed specifically for new product launches and brand repositioning. TEAM's first client is Dial Corp.'s Renuzit brand, which is using the service to determine the value of integrations of its new TriScents air freshener in A&E's "Sell This House" and in three-part "short story" interstitials that will run throughout several HGTV home-improvement shows this month.

"Advertisers putting millions of dollars into branded entertainment need this type of accountability and measurement," iTVX CEO Frank Zazza said.

iTVX measures the quality and dollar value of a brand integration in relation to a TV ad by weighing 50 factors.

Marketing Evolution CEO Rex Briggs said the TEAM Solution, which costs advertisers about $75,000 per integration, is the "beginning of a new line of service that marketers can buy fairly easily as opposed to having to do a custom study each time they want to figure this stuff out."

TEAM offers advertisers valuation data before the integration takes place to make sure that it meets their brand objectives and that they are getting enough value for what they paid. iTVX's data previously had been used only after the integration took place to determine media value in post-insight reports.

"The combined relationship allows you to understand the baseline of consumers' attitudes about your product and how to optimize your product integration to make the investment worthwhile," said Brian Shook, GM and senior vp of Dial Corp.'s home care division.

Advertisers have said that in order to be effective, a brand-integration valuation service must include both the media valuation and marketing impact measurement components. Zazza said TEAM is the first service to provide both of these elements, but NextMedium said also it provides both components to clients using its online brand-integration marketplace service.

Nielsen's Place Values does not assign a dollar value to integrations, asserting that it is a misleading metric in "an environment where the majority of deals are either barter or value add during negotiations with the networks." But it does supply metrics on how a product integration will perform when compared with a 30-second spot in terms of brand recognition, positive feeling for the brand and purchase intent.