Toonz, Spectra open 'Paddy's Pages'

Indian, Canadian companies team for animated series

NEW DELHI -- South India-based Toonz Animation and Canada's Spectra Animation are teaming to co-produce 52 episodes of preschool animated TV series "Paddy's Pages," with an estimated $7 million budget to be jointly financed, the company's said Thursday.

"Pages" chronicles the adventures of a 6-year-old boy named Paddy who is fond of reading, and chances upon a special book whose stories parallel his own life.

The show was conceptualized by Toonz Animation and further developed by Spectra.

" 'Pages' is a recognition of our talents. It is a local product perfected for the world to enjoy. We aim to take the series to the masses by early 2011," Toonz Animation CEO P. Jayakumar said.

Spectra's other projects include the educational series "Toopy and Binoo," which is in its second season and airing in more than 100 countries.
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