Top 10 Channing Tatum Dancing GIFs in Honor of 'Magic Mike XXL'

Magic Mike XXL Trailer Screengrab H 2015

Magic Mike XXL Trailer Screengrab H 2015

The more Channing, the better.

Magic Mike XXL debuted on Wednesday July 1 and what better way to honor the striptease sequel than with an in-depth look at Channing Tatum's dance moves?

The Magic Mike films were inspired by Tatum's past career as a stripper and the actor's breakthrough performance was in Step Up. It's no secret that Tatum knows how to dance in a way that is more than pleasing to the eye, so here's a celebration of his incredible talent.

10. Pretending like he doesn't know what he's doing.

9. Showing off on Saturday Night Live

8. Just casually breaking out into dancing.

7. Getting into it.

6. Stealing the spotlight.

5. Vogueing like the best of them.

4. What an outfit.

3. Skills. Such skills.

2. With talented backup dancers.

1. The winner.

And here's a bonus: Happy Fourth of July!