Top 10 'Idol' Earners

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The show has produced some breakout stars that have built on their "Idol" success.

1. Carrie Underwood
Season 4 Winner

  • Album Sales: 12,296,000
  • Digital Track Sales: 18,482,000
  • Concert Revenue: $66,762,207

Simon Cowell's prediction came true this year as Underwood surpassed Kelly Clarkson to become Idol's biggest seller. Credit three multiplatinum albums and a 115-plus-date tour. Raising Underwood's profile outside the country world: movie roles (Soul Surfer) and sitcom guest spots (How I Met Your Mother).

2. Kelly Clarkson
Season 1 Winner

  • Album Sales: 10,674,000
  • Digital Track Sales: 17,254,000
  • Concert Revenue: $32,681,389

The singer who started it all, Clarkson's 18 singles, many of them hits, set the Idol bar high.

3. Chris Daughtry
Season 5, 4th Place

  • Album Sales: 6,104,000
  • Digital Track Sales: 11,127,000
  • Concert Revenue: $19,159,287

He turned out to be a winner at rock radio with a string of chart-toppers -- three to be exact.

4. Clay Aiken
Season 2 Runner Up

  • Album Sales: 4,990,000
  • Digital Track Sales: 581,000
  • Concert Revenue: $17,754,872

His debut was a hit, and while Aiken has kept a low profile of late, public outings like his recent co-headlining trek with Ruben Studdard proved successful.

5. Fantasia
Season 3 Winner

  • Album Sales: 2,809,000
  • Digital Track Sales: 1,325,000
  • Concert Revenue: $466,631

After a 2008 stint on Broadway in The Color Purple, she launched a reality show, Fantasia for Real, which became VH1's No. 1 rated series.

6. Ruben Studdard
Season 2 Winner

  • Album Sales: 2,556,000
  • Digital Track Sales: 445,000
  • Concert Revenue: $806,398

Four albums, a Grammy nom and a co-headlining tour with Aiken has kept Studdard on the radar.

7. Jordin Sparks
Season 6 Winner

  • Digital Track Sales: 9,547,000
  • Album Sales: 1,275,000
  • Concert Revenue: $1,141,629

Her massive presence on pop radio translates to 9 tracks sold for every album.

8. Jennifer Hudson
Season 3, 7th place

  • Album Sales: 1,160,000
  • Digital Track Sales: 1,964,000
  • Concert Revenue: $1,055,971

After winning an Oscar and Grammy, she lost over 80 pounds and became the spokeswoman
for Weight Watchers in 2010.

9. David Cook
Season 7 Winner

  • Digital Track Sales: 4,196,000
  • Album Sales: 1,324,000
  • Concert Revenue: $1,012,335

Soon to follow his platinum-selling debut with June 28's This Loud Morning, Cook also tours regularly and scored a deal with Skechers.

10. Kellie Pickler
Season 5, 6th place

  • Digital Track Sales: 3,319,000
  • Album Sales: 1,322,000

Pickler made big waves on the country scene with her 2006 debut album, Small Town Girl. Tours with Brad Paisley (2007) and Taylor Swift (2009) followed.

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