Nina Dobrev's Exit and Easter Sunday: Top 10 Instagram Photos of the Week

Neil Patrick Harris celebrates Easter with the family and Kim Kardashian travels to Armenia in some of this week's best celebrity Instagram posts.

Shocking announcements are made and families get together for Easter in this week's best-of-Instagram roundup.

See how Anna Kendrick, Carly Rae Jepsen and other celebrities spent their week in these photo highlights:

Nina Dobrev announces her leave from The Vampire Diaries.


Dearest TVD Family, I've just spent the most beautiful weekend on Lake Lanier in Georgia with my own TVD Family, the cast and crew of The Vampire Diaries. I want to be the first to tell you that it wasn't just a holiday celebration, it was a goodbye party. I always knew I wanted Elena's story to be a six season adventure, and within those six years I got the journey of a lifetime. I was a human, a vampire, a doppelganger, a crazy immortal, a doppelganger pretending to be human, a human pretending to be a doppelganger. I got kidnapped, killed, resurrected, tortured, cursed, body-snatched, was dead and undead, and there's still so much more to come before the season finale in May. Elena fell in love not once, but twice, with two epic soulmates, and I myself made some of the best friends I'll ever know and built an extended family I will love forever. There's more to come before we wrap this up, and I promise you'll get to hear all about my experiences over the next month as we approach the season finale (I have given an exclusive interview for the June issue of SELF Magazine that I am excited for you to see!), but until then I invite you to hop on the roller coaster ride that is Elena Gilbert's life and join me as I celebrate her and prepare to say goodbye to her -- and to my work family -- as I move on to the next chapter of my life. I want to share this goodbye with all of you (this weekend's pictures were just the beginning). You, the wonderful fandom who gave more love, support and passion than anyone could have ever imagined seven years ago, when a young Degrassi girl from Canada showed up in LA to audition for 'that Twilight TV show.' ;-) I love you all. Fasten your seatbelts. If you think you know what's coming, you don't. Love, Nina

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon plan an Easter egg hunt.


Happy Easter!!! #ontheegghunt #NYiswild

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Carly Rae Jepsen gives her "I Really Like You" music video co-star Tom Hanks a Saturday Night Live shout-out.


Look who I found backstage at #SNL40 @TomHanks #ireallylikeyou

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Kim Kardashian gets in touch with her roots on a trip to Armenia.

Neil Patrick Harris enjoys Easter Sunday with the family.


Happy Easter from the Burtka-Harris bunnies and one lil' chick!

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Gwyneth Paltrow sends birthday wishes to Iron Man co-star Robert Downey Jr.


Before the clock strikes, one last happy birthday to a true great, Robert Downey Jr. Friend, brother, inspiration.

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Matt McGorry teases the third season of Netflix's Orange Is the New Black.


In case you forgot my name... #oitnb #season3 #june12

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Anna Kendrick runs into some trouble with her new producer.


Our tyrannical producer Gracie Garbo, giving me hell before today's big scene.

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Ludacris becomes his own doppelganger.


Did I capture it? #Furious7 #history

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Marc Jacobs celebrates his 52nd birthday.


I'm 52, dammit!

A photo posted by Marc Jacobs (@themarcjacobs) on

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