Top 20 Paul McCartney Phone Hacking Puns

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The musician believes phone messages left for ex-wife Heather Mills were intercepted by a British tabloid.

Paul McCartney is the latest high-profile name to be involved in the phone hacking scandal centered on British tabloids. McCartney confirmed to reporters at Wednesday's Television Critics Association press tour that he had been contacted by authorities about the matter, and that he thought the phone tampering had "been going on for a long time."

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McCartney's ex-wife, Heather Mills, claims that a journalist working for the Trinity Mirror, the parent company of The Daily Mirror tabloid, told her in 2001 that her phone had been hacked and voicemail from McCartney had been intercepted.

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McCartney and Mills were intensely targeted by the tabloids during their relationship, especially as it started to unravel. McCartney’s voicemails to Mills fueled many stories in multiple papers and the former Beatle said Wednesday, "“I think it’s a horrendous violation of privacy."

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While the allegations and the ongoing investigation into phone hacking is a serious matter, The Huffington Post took a lighter approach to the topic this week. The website asked readers to submit hacking puns on Beatles songs (#BeatlesHackingSongs) and here are the 20 best of the lot, the songs they correspond to, and authors:

1. hacky raccoon ("Rocky Raccoon") @ltweed
2. Let it Hack ("Let it Be") @kmjdu
3. Will you still hack me tomooooooorrrrroooowwww ("Will You Love Me Tomorrow, originally recorded by the Shirelles) #themediaisdying
4. A Hack's Day Night ("A Hard Day's Night") @thekevineller
5. Twist and Hack ("Twist and Shout") @thekevineller
6. A Little Hack From My Friends ("A Little Help From My Friends") @rayinprague
7. while my guitar gently hacks ("While My Guitar Gently Weeps) @christianholum
8. Live and Let Hack (Wings' "Live and Let Die") @cohibaslim
9. P.S. I hack you ("P.S. I Love You") @humblemumble
10. Hack the Casbah (The Clash's "Rock the Casbah") @christianholum
11. i'm only hacking ("I'm Only Sleeping") @leahfinnegan
12. HACKED, I NEED SOMEBODY ("Help") @hilsays
13. Be-Bop-a-Hacker ("Be-Bop-A-Lula," covered by John Lennon on Rock 'n Roll) @supersinga
14. Lucy in the sky with hackers ("Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds) @Danny_Bieds
15. drive my hack ("Drive My Car") @leahfinnegan
16. Hack in the USSR ("Back in the USSR") @JeremyLife
17. All You Need Is Hack ("All You Need Is Love") @megbirds
18. I Wanna Hack Your Phone ("I Wanna Be Your Man") @elaine_oneill
19. Cause I'm the Hackman ("Taxman") @supersinga
20. She Hacked in Through the Bedroom Window ("She Came in Through the Bathroom Window) @BlackMaxDesign