Top 5 L.A. Retreats From a Hollywood Psychic

4 FOB The Beverly Hills Hotel

Psychic to the stars Aiden Chase dishes on the best spots he recommends his clients visit for boosting energy and peace of mind.

For almost a decade, psychic to the stars Aiden Chase has been high in demand for his intuitive business strategy consulting, healing capabilities and good old-fashion psychic readings. One of Hollywood's Must-Have Psychics, Aiden — aka "Hollywood's Healer" — is a bastion of knowledge for L.A.'s best spots (energetically speaking). Aiden spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and revealed the top places he sends his clients for making deals, boosting energy and besting selves.

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The Beverly Hills Hotel
9641 Sunset Blvd.

My No. 1 place is The Beverly Hills Hotel. There's a vortex of energy underneath it that aligns to happiness, celebration and success. Not just any success but time-tested big success. This hotel is a huge power center of energy. It was built in 1912 and has been a landmark for Hollywood success stories ever since. Top deals have been negotiated all over the hotel by Hollywood execs and those in the industry from the bungalows to poolside. If I'm having a bad day, I will come here, meditate in the gardens and feel much better. My dreams have come true here many times. I believe there is a greater chance a business meeting will be successful here than anywhere else in Los Angeles.

Point Dume
Westward Beach Rd.

My favorite natural place in all of L.A. to relax, restore and be inspired is the nature preserve at the end of Point Dume in Malibu. Few people even know that this beautiful park exists. It's ancient Native American land that holds powerful energy. You may see Matthew McConaughey, Janet Jackson or even Kid Rock soaking in its amazing energy. If you squint your eyes you can see thousands of white spots that are positively helpful Native American spirits of long ago. There is a short hike to the top of the 360-degree ocean view mound that was the sacred place where the Chumash performed their sacred spiritual ceremonies to honor their land and the spirits of their ancestors. It also has a spectacular, almost secret, rocky beach complete with a legendary cave.

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The Four Seasons Los Angeles
300 S. Doheny Dr.

The Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills has positive energy, is the "it" place for big Hollywood business and holds an energy for prosperity. From an energy standpoint, this hotel is the best place to communicate your message in L.A., whether it's during a press junket from a suite or pitching a business deal at signature restaurant Culina. It has big success energy. Celebrities and executives are attracted to the hotel like a magnet. The energy is reflected by the number of celebrities that stay here and the power events that take place. I recommend this hotel to all my international clients because it's the best of all worlds -- business, relaxation and Hollywood fun. True manifestation of wishes and dreams happen here daily.

Nine Treasures Yoga With Tej
8182 Sunset Blvd. 2nd Floor

I have been practicing yoga with the legendary master Kundalini yoga teacher Tej for the last 10 years and most recently at her new Nine Treasures Yoga in Hollywood. For nearly 40 years Tej has taught the ancient yogic technology of Kundalini, a practice that brings healing and transformation to your mind, body and spirit. Tej creates joyful and meaningful yogic experiences that can help you grow into your own strength and potential. It’s so transformational that it is said that six months of Kundalini yoga is like six years of other yoga. I have seen the transformations with my own eyes time after time. Also, you just may come mat to mat with Tej fans like Demi Moore and Russell Brand, the latest starlet of the moment, and many of my clients.

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Holmby Park
601 Club View Dr.

"Surprisingly, just blocks away from the Playboy Mansion, the best energy park in Los Angeles to relax and restore your energy is tucked away between Holmby Hills and Westwood. Holmby Park, aka Armand Hammer Park (named after actor Armie Hammer's great-grandfather), is a perfect spot of high-vibrating energy for enjoying a picnic from nearby Clementine's or to sit on a Central Park style bench to really think. It is a mind decluttering place of clarity that helps you align your thoughts with your goals. When I go there and do a simple five-minute meditation by closing my eyes and listening to my breath, I always come away with several strategic ideas. Remember to jot down your ideas in your iPhone as a reminder to put them into action … and you just might find a Playboy bunny joining you.